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Rugga D

Joined: July 2016

Genre(s): UK Garage/R&B

Ok here's the boring bio bit.

I have DJed 16 years now. I DJ all genres but specialise in UKGARAGE, commercial, RnB, old skool, trap & more. 

Now about me....

I am Rugga D and am based is West Sussex. I started DJing when I was 17 (year 2000) after listening to a mix tape pack of house & garage from La Cosa Nosta. (R.I.P)

I became a big lover of Garage music and learnt how to mix in my bedroom on my 1st decks, sound lab 12something belt drives. Dreadful.

For the next 2 years I was making mixtapes for me and my mates to get feedback. People loved what I was doing. I brought my 1st set of technic 1210s mk2s and cracked on.

My first real gig was when I was 19 at a garage event in Cambridge for my old man.

I continued to develop my mixing trying different genres all on vinal.

I then met someone who changed my game and opened me up to the world of mobile Djing/discos.

I always loved music but this just emphasised this and grew my knowledge & abilities to read crowds and selects great music.

I started internet radio where I met my P.I.C DJ Metzy. This just pushed me more and more whilst learning new skills, not just DJing but how to run a station ect. New links with new people ect.

I started to run promotions along side people, including Metzy.

We moved on to pirate radio and started Djing bk2bk and named ourselves the skitzafrenikz.

Technologies were moving forward as I developed my style & knowledge. I moved on to serato scratch live ect and started to go more solo trying to get a residency under my belt whilst doing mobile DJing, weddings ect.

I eventually got my break at a club in East Grinstead & things just keep rolling forward. I'm still good friends with the owner who's a good guy ;)

I have also ran my own pirate & Internet radio stations in the past as well as loads of events and functions.

I have worked at Many local pubs and clubs, and still do. I get to also work with some great talented DJs old and new & are always making links and friends.

I currently have several residencies. 

Friday i am at the Roller Disco in Crawley,

DeJa Vu mixing House & more

And on Saturday i am @ Ajelique bar in Crawley, West Sussex. 

I am also the resident for the promotion Hear & Now who have hosted great local event with such acts as Artful Dodger & Luck n Neat.

I also have some great things still to come..... just like oneness.

But one thing is for sure, if it wasn't for Internet radio like Oneness.UK I would have never got the confidence, exposure and experience as well as meet people who have the same interest etc.

Sets by Rugga D

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