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Oneness: The state of being completely united.

Together As One

Oneness is where we all come together as one to enjoy dangerous and delicious dance tunes, brought to you by DJ’s who love to share their deep passion for the beats.

It’s About the Beats

We are all united in our love of dance tunes: the music producers, the DJ’s who transform their work, and all of us, the audience.

Oneness DJ’s honour the producers of the magnificent tunes we all enjoy, spinning and blending the beats from their hearts, to take you on high-frequency journeys of joyful rapture.

Complete the Circle

Dance music has three equally important parts. You are an essential part of what we do at Oneness:

Without producers the music doesn’t exist

Without DJ’s the tunes are not interpreted and combined into a whole

Without you, the audience, the energy doesn’t flow and the circle isn’t complete

Welcome to the Journey

At Oneness everybody is welcome.

Oneness DJ’s can’t be defined by the genre of their beats - only by their passion for the music.

Enjoy your journey with us!